Brewery Process Management, Squared Away.

Since 2014, FIVE x 5 Solutions has been working with brewers to reduce the headaches of running a brewery. BREW x 5 (formerly Brewhouse) keeps track of everything you need to be successful, from inventory to kegs and everything in between. Our team is here to support you every step of the way, and with over 10 years of experience you can rely on us to have your back no matter what.


Keep Your Eye on the Ball

From mash to glass, BREW x 5 gives brewers the ability to monitor what’s happening in your facility. Whether you’re at the brewery, in the taproom, or on the road, BREW x 5 keeps you in the loop from your phone, tablet, or computer with easy visibility into active batches and processes. With no restrictions on number of users or devices, everyone on the team has the access they need to keep the beer flowing.



Follow the Money

Seamlessly pulling from available inventory lots means you never have to manually track batch costs again. By capturing expenses on material and supply receipts, BREW x 5 can build an accurate batch cost no matter how many ingredients you add to a batch, or how it’s packaged. Our industry-leading accounting principles ensure that you always know where your money is – whether on a shelf or in a tank.



Stay Ahead of the Curve

From production to inventory, BREW x 5 keeps your team one step ahead. With a comprehensive Production Planning feature, you can see vessel occupancy, materials needed, and expected completion dates weeks out to make sure your team is ready. Inventory alerts proactively alert you as soon as ingredients and supplies fall below set reorder threshold, giving you the notice you need to restock or replan.



Never Lose a Keg Again

As business grows, so too does the headache of keeping track of who has what. The basic keg tracking built into BREW x 5 reduces time spent tracking down kegs by giving your team the ability to see at a glance where kegs are and how long they’ve been outstanding.



Integrated Accounting

Most products on the market claim to have a QuickBooks integration, but ours is the only one battle-tested by accountants throughout the entire process. With the elimination of QuickBooks’ support of their desktop products on the horizon, we’ve made sure you’re ahead of the curve by building a seamless live integration that you can rely on. From paying suppliers to shipments to customers and everything between the two, BREW x 5 + QBO provides an unmatched tool to support your operations.



We know that less time in front of a computer and more time on the floor frees you up to do what you love to do: brew great beer. Built in Denver, one of craft beer’s hubs, BREW x 5 was built with the local community to create exactly what brewers need.


Almost too good to be true!

Not feeling like committing right away? No problem, we are happy to offer our month-by-month option for the standard rate of $169/month. Drive your base rate down to $149/month with a 1-year commitment, or $139/month with a 3-year commitment, and if you started with our month-by-month plan we will even credit you the difference in rate for the first 3 months.

Add QuickBooks Online integration for $50/month to make life even easier!

Ask about discounts on annual payments and multiple systems.

Turning beer into whiskey?

… Or any other spirit, for that matter? We discount the combination of BREW x 5 and DISTILL x 5, or multiples of any system, for any production or warehousing sites needing separate reports. Find out more.

No setup fees or startup costs

One price for as many users and devices as you need

Pricing that stays put even if production takes off

No contractual obligations