Distillery Process Management, Squared Away.

More distilleries trust FIVE x 5 Solutions with their production management than any software on the market. With over ten years of experience working in and with distilleries of varying size, DISTILL x 5 (formerly Stillhouse) leverages our team’s unrivaled experience to make sure that no matter what you’re making or how you’re making it, we have you covered.


Watch What Happens

From grain to glass, or bulk to bottle, DISTILL x 5 gives distilleries the ability to monitor what’s happening in your facility. Whether you’re in the distillery or on the road, DISTILL x 5 keeps you in the loop from your phone, tablet, or computer with easy visibility on active batches and processes. With no restrictions on number of users or devices, you can rest easy knowing you have full traceability to ensure consistency in producing the spirits you’re proud of.



Keep Up With Demand

Know what you need before you need it to keep things moving smoothly. With inventory tools built in to DISTILL x 5, receive alerts when critical inventory levels fall below a set level so you’re never caught off guard, and see where finished product levels are at a glance to make sure your orders can keep rolling out the door.



TTB Reports & More

Don’t spend another hour putting together monthly TTB reports. With DISTILL x 5 tracking your daily operations, your reports are already ready to go. All you have to do is verify, print, and send. Daily reports keep you in line with lesser known CFR requirements, and operations reports give you the insight to manage your process the way you want to. Craft may be king, but data helps.



Integrated Accounting

Most products on the market claim to have a QuickBooks integration, but ours is the only one battle-tested by accountants throughout the entire process. With the elimination of QuickBooks’ support of their desktop products on the horizon, we’ve made sure you’re ahead of the curve by building a seamless live integration that you can rely on. From paying suppliers to shipments to customers and everything between the two, DISTILL x 5 + QBO provides an unmatched tool to support your operations.




With prices as low as $325 per month, a DISTILL x 5 subscription's cost per bottle is usually less than a label. With your subscription, you get everything DISTILL x 5 has to offer, regardless of your production size or style. Whether your distillery is a side project or a complex operation with multiple continuous distillations, DISTILL x 5’s experience ensures that we can support your business.

A partnership with FIVE x 5 Solutions offers more than just a tracking tool. Your system also gives you access to our unparalleled industry expertise and a team dedicated to making your operation stronger.

Get in touch with us for the best quote

There are no setup fees or startup costs, and we'll never charge for extra users or devices. DISTILL x 5's pricing reflects the value we provide to your team, so you never have to worry about overpaying when you're starting out. Reach out to us for a custom quote for peace of mind at a low cost.

Need more than one system?

We discount multiple DISTILL x 5 systems for any production or warehousing sites needing separate reports. Ask us about those discounts.

Complimentary tax classes for any and all team members to make sure you know the dark corners of the TTB reports and how to stay on your agent’s good side.
Regularly scheduled training sessions to ensure your employees are confident system users and to onboard any new hires without adding to your stress.
Access to a top-shelf support team that has assisted in filing of tens of thousands of reports, with extended hours to make sure you get help within 10 minutes
Access to specialized and custom training sessions with our incredible support team to make sure you're set up for success, using all aspects of your subscription, or for process consultation.

For craft distilleries operating anywhere in the world, FIVE x 5’s proprietary software solutions deliver instant insight and the tools necessary to easily manage and control every detailed process from start to finish, and even forecast the future. If your goal is to produce unique-quality craft spirits without the burden of day-to-day process management, we’re here to take the guesswork out of compliance and simplify your workflow by enabling you with a powerful system.